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beautician training
makeup brush
colour pot
eye brush

Join Soniya Makeovers powered __ Aptech to pursue professional _______ in beauty and wellness ___ glam up your career __ the world of fashion ___ beauty. Excellent training, brilliant _____-__ experience, and constant industry ____________ can be achieved right ____ at Soniya Makeovers powered __ Aptech.

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Hairstyle should be based __…?

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About The Industry

From high-end salons __ fashion runway, the beauty ___ makeup industry in India ______ dynamic, exciting and lucrative ______ opportunities for aspiring professionals.

global wellness institute

Changing lifestyle, spike in __________ income, inflow of global ______ brands, and a rise __ women workforce are some __ the major factors that ____ contributed to the boom __ demand for jobs in ___ beauty industry. The need __ feel young and beautiful ______ subside too.


______ and wellness industry is ___ of the fastest growing __________ in the world. Major ________ sectors like dietary, health ___ fitness, spa, and workplace ________ have played a major ____ in the stupendous growth __ the beauty industry worldwide. __ is at this moment, ____ popular beauty brands like _____ are looking for skilled ___ professional beauticians from India ___ other countries, who can __________ to the growth of ___ industry. In order to _____ to this demand, high-end ______ training institutes like Lakmé _______ powered by Aptech have _______ the market.


Beauty professionals with technical _________ and functional competencies in ________ fields like cosmetology , skin care , hair care , makeup, and beauty _______ can have bright careers __ top salons in India ___ abroad. One needs to ______ a beautician course on ________ areas of beauty to ____ the expertise and work __ professional cosmetologists, makeup artists, ____ care experts, hair stylists, ___ beauty therapists. Only a __________ course gives the opportunity __ deep dive into the ____ world of beauty.


Soniya Makeovers powered by ______ offers a complete range __ beauty courses for novices ___ working professionals. At the ___, students of the academy ___ score well in their __________ beautician course can get __ opportunity to work in _____ salon anywhere in India.